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Now offering complete TURNKEY M53 rifles. VERY LIMITED production accepting orders now!! We have less than 5 units left we will be building for direct to retail sales. Currently shipping 2 rifles a week. Call us TODAY to buy your gun before it is too late. 

M53 in 8mm, BRP semi-auto bolt and grip. No parts to source, no other vendors to wait to get parts in stock.


Turnkey package in 8mm $8000.

MG3 semi auto receiver – $5000

$2000 deposit buys your parts kit from our inventory and guarantees your gun. Once we get to your build you will be invoiced for 50% of the remaining balance. Final balance due before shipping to your dealer for transfer. All guns come with a limited lifetime warranty. 

MG42/M53 build services: As of 08/13/2021 we are running about 4-5 months on MG42 builds. Email or call us if you have a kit you want built. 

We offer both semi-auto and full-auto builds from parts kits for the MG42/M53 guns. All builds come with a lifetime warranty. We only build on kits that contain all of the original receiver pieces. All builds are finished in Cerakote, we do not offer bluing services. MG42 build services start at $3250.

  • Semi-Auto builds we require BRP bolt and grip-sticks. We will not build on modified original parts for a semi-auto build.
  • Full-Auto builds follow all NFA rules and regulations. As of 1986 we cannot build new civilian legal(transferable) machine guns.





We have 3 MG-x39 kits available as of 08/13/2021. These are the last ones we will be making due to lack of parts supply..



Kits are $2000 shipped with one barrel.  

Additional barrels are currently unavailable.

These kits will come with a full detailed set of instructions on use. 

Everything is going to be clearly marked for use ONLY with 7.62×39 ammo. Using ANY of the modified components CAN and WILL cause harm to yourself or your gun.


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