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Class 03 Dealer and Manufacturer


We provide a wide range of Gunsmithing services to fit your needs, from simple repairs to intricate work.  With over 10 years of experience our owner and Gunsmith Jared can get your firearm in top shape. We are a full time Gunsmithing shop with no retail. These are only a few examples of our services offered, if you do not see what you are looking for feel free to contact us.

Gunsmithing Services:

-Install Scope

-Remove stuck case/live round

-Bore sighting

-clean/inspect and suggest needed repairs




-Barrel Threading

-Repair Crown

-Cut and Crown

-Weld Muzzle Device

-Thread repair

-Assemble uppers and lowers

-Stock and buffer change

-Install quad rail

-Barrel Change, pre-populated

-New trigger install

-tune for suppressor

-install zero optics

-install low pro gas block

-replace back plate

-complete AK build with customer supplied parts

-Barrel swap

-Rivet repair/replacement

-Mount optic and zero

-Install or replace bead sight on shotgun

-install safety, mag release or similar

-install new barrel

-overhaul new springs, internals

-register SBR/SBS

-Machine gun repair


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