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FFL Transfers

We are a private shop and do not accept walk in customers, once your firearms arrive we will contact you to schedule an appointment to pick them up. Please make sure your contact information is included in the package from the seller so we know who the firearm belongs to. We have no control over the times carriers deliver to us, please refrain from calling multiple times to see if your package has been delivered, we will contact you when it arrives.  Please note; firearms must be picked up with in 30 days of receipt.  After the initial 30 days there will be a $25 storage fee added to the transfer fee.  After 90 days, item(s) will be considered abandoned and will become property of Lewman Arms

ffl transfer

Title I firearms transfer fees are:
$20 per firearm, plus the state background fee of $5 per 4473. Starting 09/01/2017 All Multiple-Handgun sales will be an additional $10 clerical fee. 

Title II – NFA firearm transfers are: 
Suppressors $50
Machine Guns $100

To request a copy of our FFL for your transfer, please contact us.

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