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Lewman Arms Mfg. is a family owned and operated gunshop based in Winter Haven, FL. Lewman Arms holds a class 07 FFL(manufacturer) and a class 02 SOT(manufacturer of NFA weapons). We specialize in custom gunsmithing and firearm refinishing. Our company started off offering parkerizing services and has since expanded into complete firearms builds, gunsmith work, refinishing, NRA certified training courses, Class 03 weapons, and much more. Here at Lewman Arms customer service is our number one priority, we do what it takes to make our customers happy.

We currently specialize in AK47/74 custom building and gunsmithing, AR-15 building and gunsmithing, custom refinishing, specialty parts kits building, firearm diagnosis and repair, and so much more. Our number one business is building customer supplied parts into functioning pieces of art. If you have a rifle you would like built feel free to contact us anytime. Our gunsmiths will gladly answer any questions you may have.

As a class 02 SOT Lewman Arms deals in machine guns, suppressors, short barrel rifles and short barrel shotguns. We also offer full service building of NFA items such as SBR/SBS (short barrel rifles and shotguns), NFA transfers, special order suppressors, and machine gun repairs. We also offer special build services to law enforcement agencies, although we don’t offer these services to agencies were the general population cannot own these weapons. And yes machine guns and suppressors are LEGAL to own in parts of this country, please know your local laws before inquiring about NFA items.

Our co-owner, being a female, decided that we need to bring women into the sport of shooting. So she became an NRA certified pistol instructor. Lewman Arms now offers NRA certified pistol training in both mixed gender courses and women only courses. She felt that a woman teaching a women only pistol course offers a level of comfort not offered in courses taught by men or even with men in the class. We will also be expanding our training to offer a full line of NRA courses. For more information on our courses feel free to contact us via phone or through the contact page on this site.


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